Understanding Decision Makers


Hello, I am Gloria Larkin, President of TargetGov. We have helped companies win billions in Federal Contracts. So what I’m going to tell you is based in reality, this is not the theory of being successful in the government marketplace, this is the reality of how to be successful.

And one of the first ways to get started is to understand who the real decision makers are in the federal government marketplace. This is a unique market, in that the decision makers are clearly identified by the rules and regulations of the federal government marketplace. And essentially there are four layers of decision makers. If you know all four layers and can build relationships with them your chances of winning contracts skyrocket.

So let me tell you who these four layers are:

The first layer is a critical layer – and that is the Contracting Officer and Acquisition Staff. These are the people who have the legal authority to buy on behalf of the federal government and in case you don’t realize it, they buy everything from chairs and tables to tanks and rocket ships. They are not experts at what they buy, but they are experts at how they buy. So it is important for you to know that when you reach out to them you want to tailor your message to them.

The second layer of decision makers are Program Managers. These are the people who are in charge of the programs that use your services or products. They are responsible for the success of the programs and while they do not have the legal authority to buy, they can influence who the Contracting Officer considers.

The third layer are the End Users. These are the people who use your products and services every day. And again, they don’t have the legal authority to buy but they can influence who the Contracting Officer will choose or they can recommend to the Contracting Officer specific companies or people if they have confidence that they will do a good job. Of course we want that to be you, right?

So you now know three layers of decision makers, who is the fourth?

The fourth would be the Small Business Representative. And I know that they don’t have the legal authority to buy, but the Small Business Representatives are important for you to know and build a relationship with no matter if you are a Large Business or a Small Business.

So now that you know who the four layers of decision makers are, it’s time for you to build your marketing strategy in order to get in front of them, have decision maker meetings, and build a relationship so that they know you and trust you. And of course that’s where TargetGov can help you!

We are experts in this field, you can check our website www.TargetGov.com for additional resources and if you sign in as a preferred client you will receive free resources that will include tips, techniques, ideas, advice, and even tools at no cost to you – just by signing in as a Preferred Client. You can also take classes virtually or in person through our Government Contracting Institute. In any case we are there to help you grow your business and be successful in the Federal Government Marketplace.

Feel free to call us right now at our toll free number 866-579-1346, we look forward to helping you be as successful as you want to be in the federal government marketplace.

I am Gloria Larkin, President of TargetGov, and here’s to your success!

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