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Hi I’m Gloria Larkin, President of TargetGov. We help you Plan, Position, Pursue, and Win federal contracts. As a matter of fact, in just the last five years we’ve helped our clients win over 3.2 billion dollars in federal contracts and we want to help you!

Today’s topic is helping you with Fiscal Year End Spending Contracts

The fiscal year end is an interesting time in the federal government marketplace. In just the three months of July, August, and September the federal government will spend over $150 Billion with companies of all sizes: single individual companies as well as companies with thousands or tens of thousands of employees. In order for you to see results at the federal fiscal year end, it takes planning. And one of the key factors is building relationships with the layers of decision makers in the federal government space. We actually have a video that identifies all of those layers of decision makers, take a look for it – available on TargetGov website.

In the meantime, let’s focus in on the four top tactics for you to win federal government business at the federal fiscal year end between July and September.

  1. Before you reach out, identify the contract vehicle that the government agency is using. I know, now we’re getting into jargon – but this is an important piece of jargon. “Contract vehicle” is the method with which the government buys. It could be something as simple as a credit card, or something as complicated as a GSA Schedule, or if you’re working for Navy something called SeaPort-E. Various agencies use specific contract vehicles. So you want to make sure that the agency you’re targeting is using a specific vehicle and that you have it or that you have access to it. We can help you with that, reach out to TargetGov and I’ll give you the contact information in just a few minutes and we’ll help you find what contract vehicles are used by what agencies.
  1. When you reach out to decision makers, make sure that you already have a relationship with them. That is because the first time that you reach out to them, if that’s during the federal fiscal year end and they don’t know you, they’ve never heard of you, they don’t know your company, your chances of winning any business really are minimal. So building a strong relationship to the point where they not only know your company name, but they know your name, they know your voice when you call, and they’ll open up your email – that is a sure way to increase your win probability at the federal fiscal year end.
  1. Reach out to those decision-makers who already have a budget with your products or services. And, this is something that isn’t necessarily easy to find, but it’s something that we can help you find and you can use resources that are available at no cost. Just reach out to us at TargetGov and we will help you identify where those resources are. There are federal websites and therefore at no cost to you. We’ll be happy to tell you just reach out to us at TargetGov.com.

Now, we’ve talked about having the right contacts, having the right relationships, and knowing the contract vehicle…

  1. The right tools to each out. It can be something as simple as using the telephone effectively. Using an email on a regular basis, but not spamming – never send mass emails; always make sure they’re sent to the individual. But the most important tool to use is your Capability Statement. And a Capability Statement is a single page document that is unique in the federal government marketplace. As a matter of fact, because you’re watching this video if you shoot us an email we will send you a free Capability Statement guide. Send an email to FAST@TargetGov.com and we will send you a free Capability Statement guide to help you get started in creating your one page powerful Capability Statement that will help you win business at the federal fiscal year end.

In addition to these four tactics, you can continue to build relationships by using the tools that we provide for you at our website which is www.TargetGov.com. We also have classes available for you through our Government Contracting Institute. And we have free resources if you go to our website and sign up as a Preferred Client, it costs you nothing, there is no commitment. We just want to send you free resources so that you’ll be more successful in the federal government marketplace.

If you’d like to have help right now, you can call our toll free number: 866-579-1346. And remember our website, it’s simple www.TargetGov.com.

I am Gloria Larkin, president of TargetGov, we want to help you Plan, Position, Pursue, and Win federal contracts. Here’s to your continued success!

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