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Alarm Over Default in National Debt Limit Fight

Small businesses raise alarm over default amid debt limit fight BY SARAH EWALL-WICE MAY 4, 2023  CBS NEWS Gloria Larkin is frustrated. She’s worried Congress is about to hurt small business owners like her and her clients if they cannot reach a deal over the debt limit. “This issue of default with a subsequent recession... Read More

VETS23 Who Said It Best™ Pitch Competition

Sponsored By:       Cash and prizes will be awarded and the judges will announce the grand prize winner at the live event on May 23 , 2023. You must try-out on site at the Conference with the TargetGov team to be eligible for a guaranteed spot at the LIVE competition. For more information and... Read More

MRAS – Federal Procurement Tool

MRAS federal procurement tool opens the door to federal contractors without their knowledge. Is your company missing out? An interview about MRAS, AI in contracting, and leveraging this tech to your advantage in contracting. Watch our in-depth interview with Gloria Larkin For the past two years, the General Services Administration (GSA) has been hard at... Read More

Barge Through Barriers and Grow a WOSB

Barge Through Barriers to Fund and Grow a WOSB November 16, 2022 , 2:00pm-2:20pm EDT, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Level 5B: Farragut Square Room This Ted-style talk on how to grow a WOSB at the WIPP Business Summit 2022 walks through the real-life valleys, crevasses, and peaks of navigating the real and imagined barriers to financial... Read More

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