FAST® Process

Federal Acceleration Strategies and Tactics (FAST ®)

How can the

TargetGov FAST® Process

help you?

In just the last seven years, our FAST® Process clients have won over $20 Billion in federal contracts directly attributable to our work. Are you concerned about winning more contracts and building your business revenues in the federal marketplace? Do you want to see results as quickly as possible? Have you experienced a difficult time winning federal contracts?  Are you lagging in GSA Schedule sales?

Talk to TargetGov about how the FAST® program can help you today!

Do you want to dramatically increase revenues? The proprietary, proven TargetGov FAST® Process is the most cost-effective approach to planning, positioning, pursuing and winning profitable government contracts. You can take advantage of our 25+ year track record and national reputation for success to build your revenues.

TargetGov’s FAST® Process offers an effective process to help you increase revenues and achieve the highest ROI. Remember, in just the last seven years, our FAST® Process clients have won over $20 Billion in federal contracts directly attributable to our work, so we are speaking from proven metrics.

With the TargetGov FAST® Process you will be able to:

  • PLAN: The TargetGov team of experts will quickly determine exactly where your company’s strengths can be used to result in FAST® federal revenues. You will gain essential proprietary targeted knowledge, removing the guesswork.
  • POSITION: Very effective marketing strategies and tactics developed specifically for your company so that you will see results quicker.
  • PURSUE: A focused pipeline of targeted opportunities leveraging your business’ core competencies, past performance and differentiators. Clear action items and detailed steps identified for each layer of decision-maker involved in the targeted opportunities.
  • WIN: Using this proven, repeatable and scalable TargetGov FAST® Process, our clients have won billions in contracts.

The TargetGov FAST® Process leverages where you are now: your strengths, core competencies, past performance and relationships and propels you to higher revenues. How soon do you want to see results?

Through the TargetGov FAST® Process, we have helped clients win billions in federal contracting dollars. TargetGov is confident that our business development process, plan and pipeline will allow your company to honestly and accurately assess the federal market and identify a solid plan and specific pipeline for planning, positioning, pursuing, and quickly winning contracts.

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When the expert TargetGov team completes the FAST® Process, you are able to apply the processes immediately to pursue and win contracts in the federal marketplace. With a plan, and the means to execute that plan, you can now reach your federal contracting revenue goals.


“My company Ruiz Strategies, has a 100% win rate with federal government contracts. I know the outcome is largely due to having Target Gov guiding us. With Gloria and her team, we’ve been able to properly prepare our company to handle government work, market effectively to Primes and government agencies, prepare solutions focused proposals and ultimately win! Pursuing government work can be daunting, and you can make a lot of mistakes and waste time and resources if you don’t have proper guidance. Often, knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. I strongly recommend Gloria Larkin and her team at TargetGov.”–  Michele Ruiz

“We followed the exact FAST®Process that TargetGov recommended and not only did we reach our initial revenue goal, our ROI was outstanding, at over 200%! We have since used what we learned and have tripled our original goal in less than 18 months. I Attribute this success to this FAST® Process and the expert team at TargetGov.” -B. Smith; RMF Engineering

“As a result following our TargetGov FAST®Process and the Rule of Three®, I experienced something that had never happened before and wanted to pass on some of the feedback that both the government decision-maker and prime’s representative  shared with me when I had separate meetings with them today.

“You were the most prepared small business I have ever met with at one of these conferences.  It is obvious you did your homework and it is so nice to have someone in front of me that is prepared to discuss real opportunities.  Because I am so impressed with what you have done, please email me an electronic copy of all this material and I will forward it directly to the respective buyers.  We want you to do business with our organization.”

“Wow, you were so prepared.  I cannot tell you how refreshing that is.  Because of that, I am going to give you the email address and contact information for the specific buyer for each one of the opportunities you are interested in.  This will streamline the marketing process significantly and enable you to speak directly with the purchaser of services.  Good luck!”

This never would have happened if I did not work with the TargetGov team, I look forward to more successes and contracts! – M. Mayes; MSLLC

“We were already experienced in the federal market but our federal sales were not where they should have been. By working with the TargetGov team, we started to see results even before they completed the 45 day FAST® Process. Granted, we executed the Plan to the letter, and have seen real results. I would recommend that you connect with TargetGov.” – C. Towers; JURISolutions