SMASH – Crush Your Sales Goals

Who is crushing?  7% of Government Contractors

Who is just getting by? 22% of Government Contractors

Who is MISSING THE MARK? 70% of Government Contractors

Where do you fall? Most likely you fall in the Missing the Mark category.  It’s time to take a pragmatic look at your bottom line sales and take a cue from the elite sales performers in the 7%.  As part of the 70 percenters you need to set goals for growth that can push you through the wall of missed opportunity.  One, two, three –this is not a counting lesson but rather your yearly benchmarks for your goals. One- where do you want to be in one year? Separate out your current business from your total sales and assess your placement- what should your new business goal be? Two- in two years where should these levels be? Three- three years out are you crushing the walls of uncertainty and aiming for the best close ratio?

Do you know your close ratio? How many RFP’s are you filing? Are you maximizing your pipeline? You may be surprised to know that you could be spending too much time on RFP’s and not enough time on closing.  Your pipeline may be dry and in need of re-routing but how do you find the right throughway? Less RFP’s you say- but I will miss out on business.  Take a look at your close rate- are you winning 2 out of 20? What if you could focus in and win 4 out of 10? Is your company focused on being the Prime for every opportunity? How would your sales look if you were the Sub or the Teaming Partner on a few projects?  If you are a Sub are you playing on the right team? Is your pricing strategy dynamic enough to set you apart from others when your company is in front of the Decision Makers?

We know it’s enough to make your head spin- but then most of the hard questions can knock you for a loop. The Federal landscape is changing and it’s not business as usual, we want to ensure that you have all the tools you need to CRUSH your goals for 2016. Next Tuesday, March 8th, you can join me in-person or virtually to channel your inner Hulk.

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