To Team Or Not To Team

Teaming is top of mind this spring and not because of the fast approaching opening to baseball season.  Contracting in the federal marketplace is more competitive than ever and teaming is a strong strategy to give your company the edge you have been looking for.  If you are considering a team lead or a team member position on an upcoming contract, it is best to take a proactive stance in getting in touch with potential teammates. Don’t wait on the sidelines to be picked.

If you are a small business take a good look at your subject matter experts (SMEs), as you may have good technical solutions that prime contractors lack and can fill in gaps on RFP’s that can benefit your company and build your past performance ratings.  Be proactive, seek out relationships with primes that are performing well and doing work with the agencies you want to make inroads with.  On the flip side if you are  the prime contractor or team lead you are always taking stock of the RFP’s that are coming along through the capture process. Are you also listening to the changing needs of your Agencies and contracting contacts?  Those needs may be changing and instead of you being the Prime it may be time to find a small business to team with and become a sub.

Either way – prime or sub – these teams are important and better not left to the last minute. Planning is the key.  Run Gap and SWOT analyses and find appropriate partners that can enhance your strengths and allow you to meet the needs of your customer.  Don’t go it alone- increase your bandwidth, improve your capture strategy, and grow your pipeline.

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