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Increasing Business and Serving Federal Needs During a Crisis

This is an exceptional time for federal contractors. All 50 states have now declared individual state emergencies and joined the President’s national emergency declaration of March 13, 2020 to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Contractors are no strangers to disruptions considering the shutdowns in early 2019 and 2017.  Government contracting in a crisis is not contracting as usual. During this time your business can rise to meet those needs. The government customer is adapting to meet it’s needs. This one hour look at current and on-going conditions focuses on what is changing and how to pursue and win contracts at this time. Join Gloria Larkin, President and CEO of TargetGov, and Jenny Bonilla, Chief Operating Officer, for a deep dive into how your business can meet the needs of the government customer. Purchase Now

Why and How to Use Sources Sought Notices and RFIs to Your Advantage

Federal agencies have posted an unprecedented flood of new Sources Sought Notices on FedBizOpps – over 1,600 new Sources Sought opportunities in the last 30 days! Many Sources Sought Notices go unnoticed by the businesses to whom the Federal Government would like to award contracts. The savvy business person takes time to review these opportunities, identify those that are a good fit and respond accordingly. In the know business people also use these notices to create single source awards and start agency-focused marketing campaigns. During this webinar you will learn how to respond to a Sources Sought Notice (SSN) or Request For Information (RFI) that will position your company to win contracts!
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Win or Lose: Take Advantage of the Proposal Debriefing

All federal contractors win and lose bids but few realize that no matter if one wins or loses, asking for and obtaining a debriefing from the decision-makers can set the stage for winning many more contracts in the future. The federal government offers the debriefing process for many reasons, and vendors use this insider process to gain valuable knowledge about competitors, about the decision-makers and also about how their own company is perceived.

Join Gloria Larkin for this webinar as she gives a thorough preparation process before the debriefing, instructions how to ask for and guarantee a face-to-face meeting with the people who can give the vendor the best insight into their RFP response, how the agency scored them, and how to improve then responses to future opportunities. Vendors who use the debriefing process effectively can use it to build more business, save business and build relationships with the selection committees.
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The Ins and Outs of Joint Venture Agreements

Joint ventures are a very useful tool to gain a competitive advantage and provide a winning solution for government contracts. However, to take full advantage of this tool, you need to understand how to best form and operate a joint venture.

There are many decisions that go into a joint venture, such as the type of legal entity to use, the management structure, and whether the joint venture should have its own employees. In addition, when the joint venture pursues set-aside contracts, you need to be mindful of SBA’s affiliation rules as well as the special rules that apply depending on the type of set-aside contract at issue.
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Fiscal Year-End Spending: Positioning Your Business to Win

Right now, we are in the midst of the biggest spending push of the year for the federal government market. The final or fourth quarter of the year runs from July 1 to the fiscal year on September 30. During this time period the government spends over 50 percent of the year’s budget. While many private sector companies are slowing down for a long, sluggish summer, the savvy government vendors are actually going full speed ahead during the summer months with targeted, aggressive marketing and sales campaigns to go after the federal end of year spending rush.

Plan and position your company to take advantage of the surge in spending by attending this webinar. You’ll learn how to identify agencies that are buying your products and services, how to get in front of the decision makers. We’ll discuss business development strategies by teaming and subcontracting, followed up with marketing tools, tactics and strategies, and mistakes to avoid.
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Crafting a Powerful Capability Statement

Both the government and private sector markets use a very unique business development tool called a Capability Statement. Attend this session to understand the three types of Capabilities Statements and learn how to create a powerful door opener Capability Statement document, your most important business development tool. Often very few contractors know how to create an effective document and acquisition personnel are subsequently buried by generic capability statements, making it very difficult to quickly evaluate and select those that fit specific needs. Learn how to stand out by crafting a compelling Capability Statement that will capture the interest of contracting personnel, teaming partners and prime contractors.
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Preparing for Success in the Federal Construction Marketplace ft. Jack Beecher

Join Jack Beecher as he presents his NEW, UPDATED and highly successful presentation of “Tips for Construction Procurement Success”. Jack Beecher, former USACE Program Manager for the SDVSB category, shares over $1 billion in upcoming small business construction opportunities as well as over $400M in SDVOSB set-asides. Learn how to better position your company to compete for and win these and other federal construction opportunities.
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