TargetGov Client Self-Paced Success Journey™

TargetGov Client Self-Paced Success Journey™

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Embarking on your journey into the federal marketplace can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, the very affordable TargetGov Client Self-Paced Success Journey™ and our expert consultants are here to guide you every step of the way.

Take advantage of the expertise that has helped companies just like yours open the door to over $20 Billion in awarded federal contracts.

This exclusive three-tiered self-paced program is designed to propel your business forward in the federal marketplace using the best and proven tools, data, experts, and processes available. Start your business success journey today with the TargetGov Federal Contracting Readiness Checklists™ to guide you and track your progress as you make strides in your positioning, pursuit, and winning of federal contracts.

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Step 1: Preferred Client Self-Paced Success Journey ™

Requirements: A desire to succeed in the federal government marketplace and qualify as a small business.

From navigating mandatory registrations and powerful marketing tools in and the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) to identifying your company’s appropriate NAICS and PSC codes, this TargetGov comprehensive package equips you with the tools and expertise needed to start your journey in government contracting. Use the provided resources to complete the TargetGov Federal Contracting Readiness Checklist™ to lay a strong foundation for your company’s success in the federal marketplace.

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Step 2: Premium Client Self-Paced Success Journey™

Requirement: Must be registered in and if a small business, also in the Small Business Dynamic Search

Elevate your federal contracting game by becoming a TargetGov Premium Client. This package is designed to propel your small business forward in the federal marketplace, offering one-on-one capability statement consulting creating a powerful, editable capability statement, a custom, in-depth market analysis specific to your exact services and products, and direct access to our subject matter experts to help you refine your approach to specific targets and decision-makers. Take your business to the next level and continue the journey to even greater opportunities with affordable consulting one-on-one.


Step 3: Platinum Client Self-Paced Success Journey™

Requirements: As noted above and ready to see self-guided traction entering the federal contracting marketplace.

Federal government marketing and sales has developed through the years into a complicated process usually understood only by those with many years of trial-and-error experience This package includes our Advanced Federal Marketing Mastery™ Series, an intensive, consultant-led, on-demand recorded video consulting that clearly identifies the required processes and procedures a government sales and marketing professional individual or team must employ to see success in this unique and lucrative market. Proceed at your own pace, as quickly as possible, or working around your current time commitments, at your own schedule with support from our in-house expert consultants.

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Most successful companies follow the step-by-step recommendations. And we are all about working with you to accommodate where your individual journey starts. If you think you should start at Step 2, or later, let’s talk (866-579-1346 x 325) to determine the perfect starting point for you, your company, and your budget. Or email us to plan a time to talk according to your timeframe.