GSA Schedule Services

Each year the U.S. Federal Government spends over $40 Billion purchasing services and products through GSA Schedules, making it a lucrative contract to hold. GSA Schedules are long term contracts used by agencies within the government to procure goods and services. It is a five year contract with three additional five year renewal periods available. This means that your GSA Schedule could end up being a twenty year contract if you’re able to meet the GSA’s minimum requirement of selling $25,000 in products or services on that contract annually.

Increasing sales and determining the future of your company’s direction are difficult but necessary aspects of business. With this GSA Schedules-focused aspect of TargetGov’s FAST® Process- TargetGov helps companies see more success by obtaining a GSA Schedule and using it to sell to the federal government.

TargetGov offers three services for companies interested in GSA Schedules.

–    The first is a comprehensive look at the market to determine which Schedule fits your business.
–    The second service is actually compiling, submitting and negotiating your contract for a GSA Schedule.
–    The third is a business development plan to increase your revenues by effectively marketing your Schedule.

Step 1: GSA Schedule Market Analysis

TargetGov takes a comprehensive look at the current GSA Schedule market by evaluating the Federal trends for your type of work, the competition sales information, and the agencies that are most likely to purchase from a schedule. This kind of market research is critical to seeing success under a GSA Schedule. This analysis allows us to give you all of the necessary data to make an informed decision about which schedule you would like to pursue.

Step 2: Contract Proposal Preparation

Are you interested in submitting a proposal for a GSA Schedule to win a GSA contract from the federal government? After TargetGov has helped you determine which Schedule would best serve your company goals, we guide you through every step of contract submission through the complicated proposal and negotiation process.

TargetGov will complete your GSA Schedule proposal by writing, submitting, and expediting the award. All required forms, representations and disclosures are provided and reviewed by TargetGov to ensure completion. The list of the usual content requirements for the GSA Schedule includes:

  • Company Overview
  • Organizational Chart
  • Points of Contact
  • Company Structure
  • Financial Statement
  • Services Listing and Descriptions
  • Labor Category Descriptions
  • Commercial Product Pricelist
  • GSA Proposed Pricing
  • Commercial Discount Practices
  • Dun & Bradstreet Evaluation
  • Past Performance Information
  • SAM Registration
  • VETS100 Form
  • New Employee Packet

After your GSA Schedule Proposal is completed and submitted, TargetGov will assist you in the negotiation process before the contract award. We will stay involved through the actual contact award to make sure all questions are answered and the government is satisfied with your contract.

Step 3: Marketing Your GSA Schedule

Once you’ve established which GSA Schedule you want to pursue, submitted the proposal, and it is accepted it is now important to build your GSA Schedule sales to make all of the effort it took to win, worthwhile. Through the GSA FAST® Process , TargetGov develops a comprehensive marketing plan with a specific opportunities pipeline before the RFQs are released that will help you see the results you envision.

Companies that fail to meet the annual $25,000 sales requirement set by the General Services Administration (GSA) for all GSA Schedules run the risk of losing this valuable contract. Even if your company isn’t in such a situation, GSA Schedules can be valuable contracts that provide a steady source of revenue for your business and TargetGov is able to help you increase that revenue with a comprehensive marketing plan and roadmap for success.

To achieve this goal, we take you through an in-depth look at your current standing in the GSA Schedule marketplace, identify market issues affecting your sales, and finally develop a plan for seeing more success from your Schedule.

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