Category: Capability Statements

Learn why generic capability statements won’t help you stand out in the competitive federal marketplace. Discover different types of capability statements and how they can be powerful tools for building relationships with federal decision-makers.

Do Your Homework Before the Meet

If you’re going to be meeting with Government workers that handle contracting it is important to do your homework before meeting with them. Whether it is a quick meeting at an event or a personal Capabilities Briefing, being well prepared and knowledgeable will rapidly set you apart from the competition and instill confidence in your... Read More

Why Are Capability Statements Essential to Government Contractor Success?

Today contractors working with the Federal Government are required to provide a capability statement during all phases of pursuing business. Capability statements are an essential tool to set yourself apart from competitors in the eyes of all decision-makers including contracting officers, program personnel, small business specialists and prime contractors. In a sense, a capability statement... Read More