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What the OT?! Other Transactions (OT)

1. Navigating Federal Acquisition  Navigating Federal acquisition is extremely complex; ergo, most companies take the most well-traveled paths or avoid the Federal market altogether.  Unlike the commercial market, it’s not enough to have a great product at a great price in the Federal space.  One of the most important principles in growing Federal business is... Read More

2017 Federal Contracting Market Trends

By Gloria Larkin As the United States transitions to a new President, the federal spending market is expected to continue with positive momentum, according to the experts speaking at the “GovConomy Today” event held in January. Larry Davis, Managing Partner at Aronson, LLC, reported that while overall the growth is stable in most federal industries,... Read More

To Team Or Not To Team

Teaming is top of mind this spring and not because of the fast approaching opening to baseball season.  Contracting in the federal marketplace is more competitive than ever and teaming is a strong strategy to give your company the edge you have been looking for.  If you are considering a team lead or a team... Read More