The Value of a Well-Thought Out Business Card

By E. Etta

After evaluating literally thousands of business cards, I have many suggestions for making sure your contacts want to keep your business cards. In this day of networking and social media relationships, a business card still has an important role in the art of business and it is still a critical networking tool. There is nothing wrong with adding your own personal touch, as long as the information on it is clearly stated and easy to read. .

Here are my top tips for creating a stand-out business card:

  1. If you have a logo, please make sure it is on the card; however, the logo should not dominate the card and should not cover up any information.
  2. Your website should also always be listed on your card – preferably on the front.
  3. Whether you are a federal government service provider or not, make sure you have a business e-mail address. The federal government and larger companies have set up their e-mail servers to reject emails from free e-mail service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.
  4. Make sure the color scheme does not obscure any information, and the font chosen is large enough and clearly shows the information on the card. Nothing less than a 9-point font for most font styles chosen.
  5. Avoid dark and/or shiny backgrounds, or plastic business cards. Many recipients want to make notes on the cards, such as something about you, your product, or a follow-up action they want to take.
  6. An easy option is to create an electronic business card which is a viable way to renew or keep in contact with a business acquaintance. Here are two excellent articles on how to create one.

8 ways to create paperless business cards

Create Electronic Business Cards























Business Card (Back)












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One thought on “The Value of a Well-Thought Out Business Card

  1. I’m getting business cards for the first time and I’m excited to be more professional because of them. Your tip about listing your website on the card is a good idea because then it allows your business to get it’s name out there and become more accessible. I bet if I talked to a professional printer about printing them, I would have a better idea on how to make them more professional looking.

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