Know Your Customer

By Luis Valdivieso

How well do you know the agency you are serving? At TargetGov we hear all the time about clients that are working with an agency by luck, or they have an opportunity but don’t know what to do next, and of course are confused about what the agency will do next.

Well, the great thing about the federal government and all of its 200+ agencies is that most of the information can be found for free. That’s right, budget requests, past spending, present spending, future spending, can all be found for free. So there is no excuse why you can’t understand agency priorities.

This process can be exhilarating and at the same time, daunting. Think about it, in the commercial market you can’t just go out and find spending priorities, strategic goals, and important stakeholders. Even publicly traded companies try and hold back as much information as possible. However, federal agencies MUST and do share all of that information. The best part is it doesn’t matter which agency you are serving it’s all available. (Except of course for the intelligence agencies.)

So your homework is to review the website of the agency you are servicing and learn their goals, vision, mission, and strategic values. Good Luck! If you prefer us to do the legwork for you, we are an email or phone call away 866-579-1346.

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