Why Didn’t Your Government Contract Proposal Win a Bid?

There are many factors that could contribute to a government contract proposal not winning a bid.

With all of the effort that goes into a government contract proposal, not winning a bid can be disheartening. In the wake of your proposal response not winning, it is crucial to use this time to dissect what went wrong and how to improve on future responses. Being able to trim down on mistakes and have a clearer understanding of what was inadequate will do a lot of good in helping develop future winning government contract proposals.

Did Not Follow Instructions

A Request for Proposal (RFP) will ask for specifics. That may mean submitting the response in multiple volumes, in multiple formats, with sections outlined in a certain way, with a specific font and size and specific page margins. Always be sure to follow instructions exactly as listed. Don’t try to get be creative; even if it seems to be more convenient in your mind, you always want to do as directed. This includes adhering to page limits and not deviating from any stated requirements.

Did Not Return All Forms

Every form indicated must be included and signed, no exceptions—even if a form is indicated with an “N/A.” Be sure to sign all legal forms or your proposal response may not even be reviewed. If you’re missing certain forms, or if you leave out a signature on a form like SF 1440, your proposal response may be disqualified outright.

Did Not Address the Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria is specific to an opportunity and as a result it is an incredibly important factor in government contract proposal work. If one ignores this criteria, the entire package may be deemed non-compliant. This could rule out your proposal response without it even getting the chance to be fully evaluated so be sure to address the evaluation criteria where applicable.

Lack of Understanding Regarding the Work Required

Even if a company feels as though they have a good understanding of the work required, and may even be completely capable of performing the required labor, the RFP response must indicate this level of understanding and capability. Do not assume that the selection committee will already have prior knowledge of who you are and what you are capable of—instead, rely on your RFP response documentation to present that information clearly and accurately.

Inexperience and Lack of Past Performance

When asked to provide info about past performance, this is a very specific request and that experience must relate exactly to t the requirements of the RFP. Sometimes companies make the mistake of listing experience they are proud of that does not relate to the current project. Be sure that any experience listed is directly related to what is being asked of you.

Your Cost

As with any marketplace, cost can oftentimes be one of the biggest determining factors in whether or not you get work. Decision-makers are often looking for the best-valued options as government funding is always left to scrutiny. This is also why it is critical to be clear about price justifications, overall costs, and any foreseeable overhead issues within your RFP response.

Not Stating the Basis for Proposed Costs

More specifically on the cost issue, some inexperienced businesses may determine a bottom-line price and figure the details of which can be worked out once the contract has been awarded. This is the wrong way to go about dealing with pricing. Government agencies want to see a full explanation for what the proposed costs are to determine whether or not the company has priced within acceptable limits and if a lower price could viably still get the same job done or not.

Poor Safety Records

Safety records are essential in the construction industry. Even if you’ve laid out your past performance records, detailed the pricing, and filled out all the necessary forms, a poor safety record is a deal-breaker and could eliminate your company from consideration.

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