A Long Way for Lunch

One marketing practice used to engage targeted government customers includes conferences, trade shows, and other events where government and industry come together for a common purpose. While these events can be an optimal opportunity to engage target customers, failure to adequately plan is almost guaranteed to result in wasted funds and missed opportunities.


Events are planned months, if not years, in advance and are often recurring.  Recently, larger events have accompanying apps with important information to facilitate the planning process; i.e, participants, breakout sessions, booth locations along with contact information of participants, attendees, and vendors. Smaller events usually offer the ability to schedule matchmaking sessions or register for specific workshops or breakout sessions ahead of or during the event.  Even if the event fails to offer this information ahead of the event, use all available information to create a plan for your activities before, during, and after the event to see as high as possible return on your investment of time and money.

The Steps

The first step is to determine the objective or the desired outcome from attendance.  All objectives must ultimately have a measure of success and answer the question, “by what measure will we determine if we have achieved success?”

Next, identify those tasks which must be accomplished before, during, and after the event to ensure the objectives are met.  All planning is built upon the specific objectives to ensure all action items support the objectives and, ultimately, ensure you’ve not traveled a long way for lunch.

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The TargetGov KickStart Program™ is an affordable, individually customized program, designed to propel businesses into the Federal market and position the organization for success. Event and Engagement Planning and Execution (P&E) ensures your organization realizes a return on investment for every engagement and is one of the fourteen key take-aways covered within the KickStart Program™.  For more information about the TargetGov KickStart Program™ and how it supports your firm’s growth in the federal market, contact us today!

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