Why do Differentiators Matter?

Differentiators can be a bit of a headache to determine, it takes time and effort to objectively evaluate your company and decide which aspects you should be highlighting that set you apart from the competition. I have already written about what it takes to develop those quality differentiators for your Capability Statement, but I would like to take a moment and discuss why differentiators are important and necessary.

It might seem strange to dedicate valuable space on your Capability Statement to an entire area outlining your differences with companies that do similar work, but from the perspective of the government’s contracting officers the differentiators provide clear value statements and specific reasons for why one company might be worth awarding a contract to.

This potential “leg up” is itself enough of a reason to include differentiators on your Capability Statement, but there are more reasons to determine those aspects of your company that help set you apart.

By doing the legwork and finding those differentiators that truly set your company apart from its competition you’ve set yourself up to be acutely aware of why anyone should choose your company to do business with you. In fact, you can kind of think of differentiators as reasons for doing business with you. This will help inform your entire marketing efforts, because now you can provide people with the exact reasons they should be doing business with your firm over any others.

Taking the time and putting in the effort to identify those aspects of your company that really and honestly set you apart from the competition helps not only the federal government see you as less risky than your competition but it helps you come to a better understanding about your company’s exact capabilities.

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