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Last week was busy here at TargetGov, with lots of excellent opportunities and growth on the horizon. I want to take a little bit of time to showcase a video from our friends at Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), an organization that educates and advocates on behalf of women-owned businesses. I am the Vice-Chair of their Educational Foundation and I wanted to support this organization’s efforts to use One Voice to see successful policy changes for women in the business world.

Next I wanted to bring your attention to this post from Commitment Matters about procurement leadership in 2014. It talks about the changing face of procurement and how leaders in the procurement world have had difficulties keeping up.

“According to the Procurement Leaders’ 2014 talent survey, the number one skill gap for procurement professionals is commercial awareness.

Procurement Leaders is just one of the organizations that is jumping onto the ‘commercial skills’ bandwagon. Suddenly – it seems – Procurement professionals need to broaden their knowledge and perspectives in order to deliver sustained value and to be seen as core to business activity.

For the 12,000 Procurement professionals who have chosen to be members of IACCM (and especially the 5,000 who are engaged in obtaining formal certification), this may not come as a great surprise. In fact, what probably does surprise them is how long it has taken the various analysts, consultants and associations to wake up to the reality of current business conditions.”

Read the entire post here.

Finally I wanted to present the guest blog post I did for Aronson, LLC’s Fed Point Blog that focused on looking forward in 2014 and strategies for developing positive business growth.

“In collecting items for your 2014 business acceleration toolkit, you will need three critical elements if you intend to stay ahead of your competitors.

First: Check your records immediately. The Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) is the central access point for federal prime contractor past performance reports which the Federal acquisition community uses in making source selection decisions. If your PPIRS or CPARS records are incomplete or inaccurate, contact the appropriate contracting officer immediately.”

Read the entire post, including the other two elements, here.
What are you seeing affecting your success in 2014? Is it LPTA, consolidated contracts, strategic sourcing, RFP issues, or even talent availability? Let me know, send a comment with your biggest headache—what keeps you up at night? Contact me directly or leave a comment below.

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