March 3 2023 Entity Administrators Deadline to Update

By Gloria Larkin

According to a recent GSA blog post, beginning March 3, 2023, all SAM Entity Administrators must be an employee, officer, or board member of the organization. This will impact any company who uses an outside service to manage their registration, or any company who manages registration on behalf of other companies. With a reminder that registration is free, the blog post also stated that “… does not endorse any registration management service.”

Compliant Registration

To establish a compliant registration with the approved employee, there are two ways to do this.

  1. Send an Entity Administrator Appointment Letter to the Federal Service Desk (FSD) appointing an administrator, or
  2. Ask your outside Entity Administrator to assign the role to someone in your entity before March 3, 2023.

Companies that already have an employee, officer or board member as the Entity Administrator managing their registration are not affected by this change. However, the GSA does strongly recommend that all entities have at least one backup employee Entity Administrator assigned in case of staff changes or absences.

Inside Control of Entity Recommended

For those companies using another company to manage their registration it is the opinion of this author that bringing the registration back into total internal control is the safest way to run your business and reduce possible fraud, theft and misuse of your company sensitive data and bank accounts.

If one still wants to take that risk, it is possible to assign a “data entry” role to an outside person or company, and more information is available through the GSA Interact portal.

For more on entity maintenance see: 3 Reasons Why You Should Update Your SAM Internally

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