Why You Should Update Your SAM Profile Internally

There are many companies that will offer to update your SAM Profile for a fee, and while this might look like a great way to save time for a low cost; we here at TargetGov advise that companies update their SAM Profile internally.

SAM must be updated at a minimum of once a year to remain active, but it is always good to review it quarterly . If you add any NAICS Codes or have a change in your staff (specifically contacts you list on your profile) then you will need to go into SAM and make these alterations.

If you have paid a company to update your SAM profile, it is likely that no one in your organization has a thorough understanding of SAM and will therefore be unable to make these crucial updates when needed. This could potentially force you to spend more money on basic profile maintenance that could have easily been performed internally.

Initially, SAM can seem complicated and difficult to use, but becoming familiar with it doesn’t take a lot of time and once you’ve got a few dedicated staff members who are proficient enough to update your profile you can save thousands of dollars per year worth in time and money by updating internally. If you are having difficulty with SAM, contact us and we will see how to best assist you, at no cost.

The fact that your company is legally responsible for the content of your SAM profile is another reason to update internally. If information is incorrect or inaccurate, then it could delay your ability to win valuable contracts with the Federal Government and ultimately hinder your overall success.

Your SAM Profile is how your company is represented in the Federal Contracting world, and it is important that you keep it up to date, accurate, and reflective of your company’s philosophy. Whenever I see an advertisement for a company that is offering to register you in SAM there is an old saying that immediately comes to my mind – “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” And while that saying may not always apply in every circumstance, when it comes to updating SAM Profiles I believe it rings true.

For assistance with your SAM Profile, feel free to contact us or contact the Federal Service Desk, which is the official government-run help-line for SAM-related issues.

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