Position Your Firm Before the RFP and See Results

Jocelyn Carnes, Business Development, TargetGov

Success in the U.S. federal marketplace requires positioning your firm and its differentiators to influence the government’s needs before the Request for Proposal (RFP) is even written. In this interview on Federal Drive with Tom Temlin, Tom talks to Michel Kareis, Acting Director of The Science and Technology Directorate at the Homeland Security Department, about the process the Department uses when determining what its needs are for products and services.

Capability Gaps

Ms. Kareis says, “…transition does not start at the end of the R&D process. It actually begins when we first start working with our customers defining what capability gaps exists, and what kinds of requirements are necessary to fill that capability gap…” She ends the interview underlining the government’s renewed commitment to the end user by stating “We also have the responsibility of making sure we’re working with our end users so that they are prepared in the same timeframe that we will be delivering the technology to accept it and integrate it.”

Relationship Building

I recommend you listen to or read the interview in its entirety because it sheds light on the importance of relationship building with program managers who will be the end users of your product. It’s at that stage, before the RFP is even written, that you must have demonstrated what your product or service does differently than your competitors, how it delivers exceptional value, and why your firm is the only logical answer to meet the government’s need based on that information.

Forging those relationships seems like a daunting task, but TargetGov has 25 years of experience in doing exactly that. Let us help you understand how to navigate the complicated federal government contracting space and put together a customized pipeline of opportunities that you can win.

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