Rock Your Capability Statement: 3 Ways to Make IT Work for YOU!

Creating an effective, accurate,  and compelling Capability Statement requires a lot of time and effort.  Once they are done, they are your tool.  You can use each one to your advantage!  Here are just three ways get the most return for your effort and to revenue generation.

Capability Briefings

A briefing is one of the primary purposes of putting together a Capability Statement.  By reaching out to decision-makers with your Capability Statement, you are able to secure briefings and really sell your solutions to the government.

This use of your Capability Statement gets your foot in the door enabling you to build decision-maker relationships. These relationships result in federal government marketplace success! Learn how in class, Five Steps Required for Decision-Makers Meetings.

Conferences, Trade Shows and Events

Conferences and trade shows are excellent ways to network with government employees, other prime contractors, and to establish your branding.  Your Branded Capability Statement at a trade show reinforces your brand to your target customer. small business events has a listing of upcoming small business events

Vendor Outreach Sessions are the best events for your Branded Capability Statement. Agencies often keep a calendar of events where Vendor Outreach Sessions are listed. These sessions are an ideal place to network with government employees and start planting the seeds that turn into capability briefings.

Content for Your Website

Did you know that the same government-specific content you labor over when creating your Capability Statement can be used directly on your website? You will have one comprehensive place on the web that stores relevant (and informative) past performance, core competencies, and differentiators without the space limitations of a typical Capability Statement. Take a look at Milby Company’s or RMF Engineering’s Government pages for examples.

Capability Statement content on your website must be current and easy to find.  A frustrated user goes away! Crucial information about your capabilities should be easy to find, like items in a store window.

To learn more about Capability Statements, take a look at this article by Gloria Larkin, visit our Capability Statement Resources page. Or contact me directly at 443-543-5067 or my email:

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