3 Steps for Tailoring Your Capability Statement

As a marketing resource, Capability Statements are used to showcase what your business is able to do for your audience. By tailoring your Capability Statement, you display knowledge and professionalism and help differentiate yourself from the competition.

Capability Statements are living documents, and they work best when you’re able to quickly and effectively tailor them to the opportunity, agency, or prime contractor you are pursuing. This shows that you are not only capable of the work being asked, but you’re savvy enough to do the homework and research necessary to be successful.

For that goal, here are three easy-to-follow steps for tailoring your Capability Statement.

1. Use their language

Use the language from the procurement itself instead of your own internal way of describing products and services. This will show that you are absolutely able to perform the work needed as asked. Taking this extra step when crafting your Capability Statement will also help set it apart when these terms are searched for by decision-makers.

2. Match Differentiators to Core Competencies

By highlighting areas of your company that sets it apart from the competition and tailoring them directly to your Core Competencies you will better differentiate your business from your competition. Differentiate yourself even further from other companies by showing specific metrics and qualifications and clearly describe how they directly relate to the work needed.

3. Include Relevant Past Performance

The Past Performance section of your Capability Statement is there to help show that your company is able to and has been successful at performing the stated work. If you’re able to match the same language you pulled directly from the contract to provable Past Performance then you make a great case for why your company should be chosen.

By tailoring your Capability Statement to the audience receiving it you’ll help set yourself and your business apart from the sea of other capable companies.

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