Pivot Point: What to do when the market demands adaptation

By: Gloria Larkin The federal marketplace is adapting to the new administration’s changing policies. Budgets are shifting, with some agencies closing operations and others expanding. Forward-thinking government contractors have anticipated these changes and are positioning themselves as problem-solvers to the remaining decision-makers and therefore improving their win probability on future contracts. A business pivot example... Read More

Is it Possible to Grow a Federal Contracting Business in Tumultuous Times?

By Gloria Larkin The federal government marketplace is facing a dramatic shift driven both by the maturity of the market and a new administration. Most government contracting businesses are started by individuals with an area of expertise (engineering, IT services, construction, public relations, accounting etc.), or a passion (serve the warfighter, make the world a... Read More

Begin 2017 Off Right!

It’s finally 2017 and we can all take a deep sigh of relief that we made it here. The next question is, now what? Well if you are a federal government contractor this is the time to start, review, and update both your SAM and SBA profiles. Over 95% of companies using these federal websites... Read More