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Goals Smashed: $162.9 Billion in Federal Contracts Awarded to Small Businesses

By Gloria Larkin There was recently big news out of the Nation’s Capital with the Small Business Administration’s announcement that the Biden-Harris Administration exceeded its small business contracting goal of 23% in fiscal 2022. When all was said and done, that number reached an all-time high of 26.5%. This historic level amounted to $162.9 billion... Read More

Fostering Diversity and Resilience: Increasing Small Business Entrants in the Federal Marketplace

The Biden Administration’s focus on promoting equity and diversity is influencing the way agencies track, manage, and pursue the number of “new entrants” at their respective agencies. According to a recent report, there has been a decrease of about 60% in the number of new entrants in the federal marketplace over the past ten years.[1]... Read More

Steps Undertaken to Narrow Racial Contracting Gap

Steps Undertaken to Narrow Racial Contracting Gap By Gloria Larkin   The Biden-Harris Administration is taking new steps toward narrowing the racial wealth gap and reinvesting in struggling communities by expanding access to a key wealth-creator ― small business ownership that may be also located in disadvantaged communities.   The administration will address racial discrimination... Read More