Unlocking Q4 Procurement Success: Mastering Marketing & Engaging with Decision Makers

By Kiyon Brandford

The fourth quarter of the federal fiscal year brings an immense opportunity to tap into increased levels of procurement spending. In a normal year (one where we are not worrying about the debt ceiling), the federal government spends at least 20% of its budget in each quarter of the fiscal year. However, as government agencies rush to allocate their remaining budgets, strategic marketing and effective communication with federal decision-makers becomes crucial for positioning your company for upcoming opportunities. Here are three valuable tips to help your business navigate this period and maximize its potential for success:

Tip 1: Focus is Essential!


To take advantage of increased procurement spending in quarter 4, it’s essential for you to target agencies that have a history of purchasing your specific products and/or services. Here’s a few ways to achieve this:

– Check SAM.gov daily: SAM.gov is one of the platforms where you can find different notices about upcoming opportunities. Pay close attention to Sources Sought Notices (SSNs) and Requests for Information (RFIs) as these lay the foundation for the market research being conducted by federal decision-makers about new opportunities.

– Review agency forecasts: Every federal agency is responsible for posting a forecast of the products and services they intend to buy in the coming months. Forecasts are great for researching the estimated timeframe of agency procurements.

– Use past contract data: Contract awards are public information. Use websites like USASpending.gov, FPDS, and SAM.gov to review spending data for a particular agency. Determine whether or not they purchase your products and/or services and identify the contract vehicles they used to make those purchases. These details will be relevant to the decision-makers you target and the framing of your conversations during one-on-one meetings.


Tip 2: Create Tailored Solutions Focused Marketing Material


Federal decision-makers are bombarded with marketing materials like emails, capability statements, and brochures daily. Creating tailored marketing material can be a powerful tool for reaching federal decision-makers and nurturing relationships. Consider the following strategies:

– Keep track of your people: Categorize your contacts based on their roles, agencies, and areas of interest. This allows you to tailor your messages to their specific needs, increasing engagement and relevance.

– Provide solutions-based content: Federal decision-makers typically make purchases with a solutions-based approach. Identify some of the challenges faced by the federal agencies you’re interested in working with and provide them with relevant materials like case studies and white papers that could help them with those challenges.

– Personalize your emails: Address decision makers by name and customize the content to reflect their agency’s goals or challenges. Personalization shows that you’ve done your research and increases the chances of grabbing their attention. Use a full email signature that includes your company name, SAM UEI, CAGE code, up to 5 relevant NAICS codes, current contract vehicles, and any other pertinent information for a decision-maker to capture. Make sure the email signature survives in plain text format so that nothing gets removed by email filters.


Tip 3: Engage in Direct Outreach and Networking


Direct outreach and networking efforts can significantly boost your chances of securing new opportunities. Here’s how you can make the most out of this strategy:

– Attend industry events and conferences: Participate in relevant events where federal decision-makers are likely to be present. Network with key decision-makers (Contracting Officers, Program Managers, Small business professionals, etc.), exchange business cards, and follow up with personalized emails and LinkedIn connections when appropriate.

– Collaborate with strategic partners: Identify potential partners who complement your offerings or have an established presence in the federal market. Collaborating with them can enhance your capabilities and increase your visibility.

– Request capability briefings: Reach out to federal decision-makers directly and request a capability briefing to better understand their agency’s needs. Position yourself as a problem solver and showcase how your products or services can address their pain points.

With the right marketing tools and effective communication strategies, small businesses can position themselves for success during the increased levels of procurement spending in quarter 4 of the federal fiscal year. Targeting the proper agencies, using tailored marketing content, and engaging in direct outreach and networking are all key components of a successful approach. By implementing these strategies, your small business can maximize its opportunities and increase its chances of securing new contracts in the federal market.

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