Monthly Archives: September 2023

Goals Smashed: $162.9 Billion in Federal Contracts Awarded to Small Businesses

By Gloria Larkin There was recently big news out of the Nation’s Capital with the Small Business Administration’s announcement that the Biden-Harris Administration exceeded its small business contracting goal of 23% in fiscal 2022. When all was said and done, that number reached an all-time high of 26.5%. This historic level amounted to $162.9 billion... Read More

Decision-Makers See Red Flags, Business Owners Wise to Dodge Bull

By Gloria Larkin, What is the single biggest myth in government contracting? While there are countless myths, misconceptions and confabulations in the federal, state, and local government contracting marketplace, the single biggest myth affecting contractors is that one can pay someone else to pursue and win contracts on your business’ behalf. 1099 or Retainer Consultant... Read More