President of TargetGov, Gloria Larkin- presenting on May 3rd at GC-TEC

How Government Contractors Should Prepare for a Powerful Decision-Maker Meeting

Tips for Planning Your Next Big Meeting and Winning the Contract

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On May 3, 2016 Gloria Larkin, President of TargetGov, will be speaking to government contractors on how to prepare for your decision-maker meetings.  A large opportunity that could change the course of the future of your company has been announced. Do you know how to effectively conduct the meetings it will take to make you successful in winning the opportunity? Successful meetings with the right people don’t just happen. They are orchestrated by people who understand what it takes to achieve the goals necessary to be successful through powerful meetings with the right decision-makers. Most people, sadly, do not have the experience or skills needed to be successful in planning and conducting meetings.

This unique seminar will focus on how to approach various types of meetings that will make you more successful throughout the entire lifecycle of the procurement, including initial marketing meetings, exploratory and proposal meetings, and effective debriefs after winning or losing a bid.

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Key Take-a-Ways:

  • Where to find the real decision-makers
  • What types of meetings work best for specific scenarios: one-on-one, group, roundtable, etc.
  • How to prepare for meetings
  • Who from your company should attend meetings
  • Which questions to ask – and not ask – in your meetings
  • How to make partners and government agencies want to contract with you
  • The best time to reach out and make a positive impact
  • How to follow up in a way that moves you toward your desired next step
  • How to get the most from a debrief whether you win or lose
  • Who should attend a debrief
  • What meetings to hold when you lose a bid

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