Barge Through Barriers and Grow a WOSB

Barge Through Barriers to Fund and Grow a WOSB

November 16, 2022 , 2:00pm-2:20pm EDT, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Level 5B: Farragut Square Room

This Ted-style talk on how to grow a WOSB at the WIPP Business Summit 2022 walks through the real-life valleys, crevasses, and peaks of navigating the real and imagined barriers to financial growth of a 25-year-old company. A frank perspective covering the mental models, banking challenges, and levels of failure and success in growing into a nationally recognized consulting firm.

Connect with us at the conference on Tuesday 11/15 from 2pm and 11/16 all day – email for an appointment at

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Connect with leaders looking to spark collaboration and resiliency in business.  The WIPP Business Summit is uniting the nation’s leading business diversity organizations and Government Agencies, NBIC Unity Week is a celebration of diversity, opportunity, equity, inclusion and collaboration. Attendees will receive access to exclusive dayside programming focused on building unprecedented success for diverse communities in the United States and around the globe.


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