What people are saying about Gloria Larkin


Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

“On behalf of the Department of Energy’s Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization,
I would like to personally thank you for participating in the 15th Annual DOE Small Business Forum & Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.
Your expertise contributed to the education and growth of many small businesses in attendance.
I received numerous positive comments about this year’s event and most of the credit goes to you and the others who gave such wonderful presentations.
DOE2016 was a great success and I am pleased to have you be a part of my team. Thank you again for your support of and commitment to the small business community.”


“I am so appreciative of being provided with critical and valuable information that I was able to immediately put to use!”

Sharon Brown, ICDC Publishing, Inc.

“In one hour I learned more from Ms. Larkin about how to “break into” government contracting opportunities than I have learned in hours of my own research.”

Herb Lawrence

“Your session was highly informative and I enjoyed your energetic style. Always a great combination: value-added information and great presentation!”

Susan Shorters, President

Telling Your Story, LLC

“…Your presentation was one of the best for a new business owner hoping to do business with the Federal Government. I have started your book and again, Thank You for the guidance it provides. If yours was the only workshop I had attended at the conference, I would have walked away with more than my money’s worth. I have already started making the changes to my business since your talk…”

D. DeLone

“I enjoyed your presentation and more importantly learned much. My partners and I are anxious to get started improving our business development process.”

Mike M.

“The presentation was very clear and the speaker was very knowledgeable.”

Lorman Education Services

“On behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy, thank you for participating in the 12th Annual U.S. Department of Energy’s Small Business Conference & Expo, held in Kansas City, Missouri. Your presentation on “Successful Marketing Tactics For Government Contracts” was well attended, and we have received positive feedback. Your expertise contributed to the education and growth of many attending small businesses.”

William J. Valdez, Acting Director

Office of Economic Impact & Diversity

“Thank you once again for the wonderful presentation at the DOE conference. After years in sales, it’s amazing how I’ve forgotten some of the most important “basics” like an elevator pitch; it was a breath of fresh air!”

D. Sealey

“Thank you, Gloria, for an excellent presentation. It was encouraging and realistic at the same time – a rare combination! I hope to participate in some of your upcoming activities. Thank you again for your time and information…”

V. Aversa

“Gloria took a lot of complicated information down to an understandable level.”

Arlington Economic Development

Arlington Business Center

“I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees, who appreciated that advanced level of the information, as well as the specific nature of the ‘how to’s’… their hunger for the information was obvious. You fed them well, and we appreciate that.”

Lynne M. Benzion, Associate Director

Rockville Economic Development, Inc.

“[The presentation] was full of good tips, especially the Capability Statement template and how to use it… I was so impressed with her presentation, I bought her book: “The Veterans Business Guide, How to Create a Successful Government Contracting Business.” …I have already started reading it.”

Greg P., Manager

Government Business Development

“…I can’t thank you enough for your session yesterday at the Diversity Conference. As new business owners, my partner and I really need to make sure that we are doing the right things right the first time…”

J. Hayes
Mar Mar Consultants Inc

“Ms. Larkin was our keynote speaker and I am still hearing comments about how interesting her talk was.”

Rhonda Tomlinson, Maryland Association of CPA’s

Federal Contracting Summit

“Superb! No other word would adequately describe your presentation.”

Cynetta Cardwell

Howard County Economic Development Authority

“Your topic about New Trends and Tactics was really compelling for our attendees. We had no idea so many new tools were available to help us grow our businesses.”

Beverly Carrigan, President

Business Women’s Network

“Ms. Larkin brought a fresh approach to government contracting that we had not heard before.”

Robert Faithful

US Department of the Interior

“Your session was very informative; it worked especially well with our new contracting procedures.”

Mr. Mui Erkun

US Department of Homeland Security

“This is the most competitive time I have seen in 30 yrs. If you do what Gloria says, we will pay attention to you.”

Michelle Currier

Assoc. Director Small Business

“I have been to many of these sessions through the years. This is one I actually learned something from!”

“I learned a number of things I can do today to increase my contracts.”

“She really gave us “meat”, no fluff.”

“It was a great presentation. I wish I learned it years ago.”

“I found out what we are doing wrong – incredibly valuable session.”

“I’ve been in the business over 20 years and found her presentation to the point, effective and bottom line, I liked it. I was glad to attend.”

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