News Release Service

Do you need help increasing your company’s visibility in the federal marketplace without sacrificing man hours? Do you already have news releases but don’t know where they should be dispersed for maximum effect? Would you like to be more effective at distributing news and announcements?

TargetGov can help you promote your business to the federal government by crafting and distributing news releases for you. This is an excellent way to have you and your business gain visibility while we do the legwork. We can either use news releases you’ve already written and help distribute them or write fresh news releases for you. Call us at 866-579-1346 or email to for more information about this service.

It is important to market effectively to the federal government, because increased visibility can help contracting officers and program managers become familiar with your company. If these key decision makers can read and learn more about your company, it will help mitigate risk and allow you to see more success in this competitive market.

“We have found the news release distribution service effective at increasing visibility and improving SEO,” said one of our clients, “Our business has increased since starting this service.”

After every release is distributed, a report will be generated that shows the exact websites on which the release was posted and new sites that have since picked up the release. Clients have found the reports useful for tracking where their reach has gone and which publications received it.

Services Include:
• Writing the news release
• Editing and reviewing of existing news releases
• Distributing news releases to PR websites
• Sending it out to a compiled publication list via email
• A report of the distribution sites of the news release including web links
• Posting news releases to TargetGov’s website
• A copy of the news release

Distribution of news releases has been effective in the past at increasing a company’s visibility, especially within the government contracting sphere. With your company making more waves on the internet, agencies looking to buy what you sell will be able to find your company easier and faster. We have a number of websites where we distribute news releases; we also add any specific contacts for further distribution. To learn more about where and how we distribute News Release, call 866-579-1346 or email

Who would find this service effective?
• Government contracting firms
• Public Relations Managers
• Administrative Personnel
• Companies new to marketing
• Business development managers
• Sales managers
• Capture managers
• SEO managers

A small list of topics that are considered newsworthy:
• Introducing a new product
• Introducing a new service
• Hosting an event
• Participating in an event
• Being given an award
• Giving an award
• Teaming with another company
• Winning a contract
• Completing a contract
• Moving to a new location
• Hiring a new employee
• Expanding your business
• Looking for a teaming partner
• Using an energy-efficient product or process to save money for the government

Timing Your New Release:

Deciding when to circulate a news release is not an exact science as many factors go into determining the publication date.  If you publish a news release too early media members may not feel that it is relevant or timely.  Releasing it too late can mean not giving customers enough time to plan or react to your news.

News cycles are another important factor in timing a traditional press release.  Printed media may be published daily, weekly or even monthly. Many articles are written well in advance of print media publication dates.  Usually media members need to pitch a story three or more months in advance of publication to allow for editing and print layout.  This timing is important when you are writing an article, launching a product, or hosting an event.

Call us at 866-579-1346, or email for help in planning the timing of your news releases.

Product/Services Launch
When is the product/service launch date?
What is the implementation time for the product/service?

Event Announcement
Is registration required?
Is there a registration deadline?
Are customers going to have to make travel arrangements?

Contract Announcement
When did you receive the contract award?
Do you have appropriate contract milestones?
When is contract completion?
May you announce measurable benefits to customer?

The federal contracting market is varied and complex, as you are not just targeting one person or one decision-maker.  In this market you are selling your company, product, or service to many layers of people including the project managers, contracting officers, prime contractors, teaming partners and small business contacts.

Having a public relations strategy in place will help you to not just get a foot in the door with many different targets, but to also reinforce your brand message, stay front-of-mind and build positive recognition with the many layers of decision-makers.

Many components are involved in developing an effective public relations strategy. These include:

Writing effective press releases
Developing press contacts
Developing a list of federal decision-makers
Press release strategies
Finding media opportunities
Social media usage

Not everyone has the ability to create their own news releases, so TargetGov is willing to help you craft them with a professional tone and quality results. From big events to small announcements, we can help you find the right way to spread this news through the internet and directly to specific, targeted people as well. Call us at 866-579-1346 or email to discuss what TargetGov can do for you and your business.