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National 8(a) Association is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide education and guidance for all aspiring, current and graduate 8(a) businesses. TargetGov is proud to be National 8(a) Associations Education Associate in presenting a series of monthly webinars all about 8(a).

2019 National 8(a) Association’s Webinar Series

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On Demand


Now What? On Demand


Initiating Aggressive & Agile Growth

On Demand


Strategies for Growth After Graduation- The End of the Line?

On Demand


Strategies for Growth After Graduation – Primed for Sale

On Demand


No webinar this month. Have fun in Alaska.


Building Relationships Mentor-Protégé

On Demand


Mid-Size or Go Large!

On Demand

CPARS and D&B Open RatingsScheduled: 9/18/19 2:00pm EST

Scheduled: 10/16/19 2:00pm EST


Scheduled: 11/20/19 2:00pm EST


Scheduled: 12/18/19 2:00pm EST
















The noted webinars are available either as on-demand, or scheduled as live webinars on the noted dates. Click on each title for full details, speaker information, and to register.

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Catch up on past offerings by selecting from the series below:

On Demand – What Time is the Right Time? Benefits and Timing of 8(a) Certification

On Demand – Nuts and Bolts of Getting an 8(a) Certification: Getting Your 8(a) Certification

On Demand – Strut Your Cert

On Demand – Strategies for Teaming Partners

On Demand – Target Goal Win:

On Demand – The Big Leagues: What’s next – after your first contract win. Winning contract #2, 3, 4…

On Demand – The Price is Right: So What’s Wrong with Your Proposal?