TargetGov announces Federal Contracting Recruitment Services

Federal government contracting recruiting needs are vast and complicated. We create strong partnerships between exceptional talent and the companies we believe in to drive positive change and mutual growth.

Contact TargetGov for assistance with all federal business recruiting requirements including:
  • Business development, capture, sales or marketing support
  • Administrative, program and RFP support
  • XO-level: COO, CFO, Vice President, Director
  • Contact us today to find your next team member locally, regionally, nationally
Candidate considerations:
  • Existing Technical Skills
  • Motivation Behind the Job Search
  • Day-to-Day Responsibilities
  • Work Schedule Flexibility
  • Top Criteria for Next Position
  • Future Career Goals
  • Compensation/Benefit Requirements
  • Commute Radius

For more information about how TargetGov can help you find the right people, call now 866.579.1346 x 325 toll-free or emailĀ

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