Business Growth is Partnership Goal in Anne Arundel County

TargetGov brings 20 years expertise to the new Arundel Tech Tool Box Program

August 1, 2017 –  TargetGov announces a partnership with Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation’s (AAEDC) new Arundel Tech Tool Box. This new program offers a menu of financing, a workforce development grant and business development consulting specifically aimed at assisting technology companies with gross revenue of less than $5 million and fewer than 100 employees. Companies must reside in Anne Arundel County or have a signed lease in the county to be eligible for this program. TargetGov is offering consulting services to companies served by the AAEDC to help them achieve growth in the federal marketplace. TargetGov has 20 years’ experience in helping companies succeed in government contracting and will bring this knowledge to the companies participating in this program.

Gloria Larkin, CEO and Founder of TargetGov states “Companies are confused by the maze of rules and regulations surrounding the federal customer. Our focus is to create a path to accelerate growth for companies participating in the AAEDC Tech Tool Box Program and fuel business and job growth.”

Home to many defense agencies, Anne Arundel county is a government and cyber technology hub. “There are many of these businesses that have launched and invested in themselves in the early stage and have had initial success. The Arundel Defense Tech Toolbox provides meaningful assistance so they can reach the next stage of growth and create more jobs in our county and state,” said AAEDC CEO Julie Mussog. “This initiative signals our full commitment to supporting our tech industry in the national security space and maintaining Anne Arundel County’s reputation as the nation’s cyber capital.”

About TargetGov:

TargetGov is celebrating its 20th year as a nationally-recognized consulting firm providing national support, consulting and training for federal government procurement related business development and marketing services. In just the last five years, TargetGov’s proprietary FAST™ Process clients have won over $4 billion in federal contracts. Visit for additional information.


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