Meet the Experts™ Webinar: Strategic Pricing


December 12, 2023    
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Strategic Pricing: Why Money is So Important in Gov Con

Because price is so critical, make it a top priority especially as you focus on more profitable wins in 2024.  Too many contractors are not aware how cost and profitability should be integral to the pricing process. What are the other factors that come into your pricing strategy? Competition? Supply chain issues? Cost of living increases? Are you an incumbent with high labor rates, and not clear how to price the recompete without cutting pay? Many well-meaning contractors spend enormous amounts of time developing the technical approach and not enough thought on the pricing strategy. Attend this informative webinar to take back control of YOUR pricing, and win more contracts.

Key takeaways include:
1. What makes early pricing so important
2. How bidding less can translate to winning more
3. The top pricing priority is profitability
4. The maximumly-effective pricing strategies contractors rarely use

This month’s TargetGov Meet the Experts™ session addresses “Strategic Pricing: Why Money is so Important in Gov Con” where we will be joined by our partner subject matter expert: Marsha Lindquist author of the best-seller: Secrets of Strategic Pricing for Government Contractors

Teusday December 12, 2023 at
1:30 ET|12:30CT|11:30MT|10:30 PT
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Who should attend:
Everyone responsible for finance, pricing, profitability, business development, capture, marketing and sales. Including Presidents, CEO, CFO, VP Contracts CMO, CXO, Director of Compliance, VP of Compliance, Director of Business Development, Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, Capture Managers, contract management and compliance, client engagement, all inside and outside sales people, project managers, program managers, and subcontract and small business compliance managers.

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FEATURINGExpert: Marsha Lindquist

  • Marsha Lindquist, President, Granite Strategies, is an experienced pricing strategist & finance professional. In her groundbreaking #1 Amazon Best-Selling book, Secrets of Strategic Pricing for Government Contractors Marsha Lindquist delivers the wisdom of strategic pricing for Federal proposals. Marsha has built a tradition of quality consulting for scientific & high-technology Government contractors for over 30 years. Marsha is masterful in authoring customer-focused winning pricing strategies. Ms. Lindquist has achieved the distinguished titles of NCMA Fellow, APMP Fellow & APMP Professional (CPP) as well as Future of Pricing Honoree by ProPricer.

Host: Tina Horn

  • Director of Consulting at TargetGov, where she leads a team of consultants and analysts that provide government procurement, related business development, marketing tools and tactics, capability statements, and marketing consulting services using the exclusive Federal Acceleration Strategies and Tactics (FAST®) Process, KickStart Program® and Hand It Over to Us™.
  • Sought after subject matter expert, recently presented for the Mid Maryland Society of American Military Engineers post and at the B’More Bold Business Conference for Entrepreneurs and Innovators.

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