Custom On-Site Training

TargetGov offers nationwide Custom On-Site Training for large, mid size and small companies. We send subject-matter experts and highly qualified course instructors to the location of your choosing to facilitate your government contracting training needs. These private courses allow companies to instruct entire teams at one time with a company-specific focus instead of sending them one by one to the publicly held courses. This eliminates travel time and expenses for company personnel while building a common updated knowledge base.

“I pulled my entire team in to our office take part in TargetGov’s Government Sales Boot Camp: From Theory to Practice Overview – including direct billable people.  The level of the topics being discussed, and the company-specific Q&A that Gloria was able to facilitate ensured that each member understood their role in how to grow our organization.  I would recommend this private on-site training to any company accelerating sales in the Federal Government market as well anyone wanting to brush up on their go-to market strategy.”

J. Bisceglie, President and CEO, Interos Inc.

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