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Is DOD moving away from LPTA?

By Bob Lohfeld Repost from Industry has long objected to the use of lowest priced, technically acceptable procurement strategies for technical/professional services and complex solution procurements, and it now appears that DOD is moving away from this practice. Narrowing the use of LPTA Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, Frank Kendall,... Read More

Bill to Curb Contract Bundling

Gloria Larkin, a member of WIPP, Testified before Congress regarding the impact of ‘Bundling’ on small businesses. House Advances Bill to Curb Contract ‘Bundling’ that Favors Large Companies By Charles S. Clark March 30, 2015 Comment Citing a shortage of accurate data on small business contracting, a House panel last week approved an umbrella bill... Read More

GSA pricing, tech bills, Data Act oversight and anti-robocall prizes

The General Services Administration is looking to change its rules for vendors’ price listings on its schedule contracts. In a proposed rule change unveiled March 3, the agency asks for public comments on amendments to the General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation that would require vendors to report transactional data from orders and prices paid by... Read More

Sentencing Omaha Contractor in SDVOSB Fraud Scheme

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – A sentencing hearing for a Nebraska businessman accused of fraudulently landing $23.4 million in federal contracts intended for disabled veterans will continue. Several witnesses were called Tuesday to discuss how Omaha businessman Ram Hingorani set up a company to qualify for federal contracts by certifying a service-disabled veteran ran the... Read More