Our Events

WIPP Business Summitt 2022

Event Date: 11/16/2022 -11/16/2022
Join Gloria Larkin, President & CEO at TargetGov for this Ted-style talk at the WIPP Business Summit 2022. Walk through the real-life valleys, crevasses, and peaks of navigating the real and imagined barriers to financial growth of a 25-year-old company.... Read More

Maryland 2022 Technical Training Classroom Webinar

Event Date: 11/15/2022 -11/15/2022
TargetGov invented to the federal capability statement. Join Tina Horn, Director, Consulting at TargetGov for the "Crafting a Compelling Capability Statement Webinar." How would you rate your current capability statement? You have one, right? It is the leading marketing tool... Read More

2022 Farmer Veteran Stakeholders Conference

Event Date: 11/13/2022 -11/15/2022
Join Gloria Larkin, President and CEO as she presents on "Gaining Access to the Federal Government Contracting Marketplace" on November 14, 2022 3:3opm-4:15pm CDT, Joyner Room, Sheraton Midwest City Hotel at the Reed Conference Center. All federal entities, including the... Read More