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Have you ever wondered what a business development, sales, or marketing person does every day that results in revenue growth? What steps do they take, what research do they perform, how do they reach decision-makers, what is their secret to getting the important meetings, what follow-up needs to be done?

Government sales and marketing has developed through the years into a complicated process understood only by those with many years of trial and error experience. Gloria Larkin, CEO and founder of TargetGov – whose clients have won billions of dollars in federal contracts leads this hands-on class and provides an action plan that includes all required processes, procedures, and tasks any government sales person or sales team must employ in order to increase revenue, even before the end of the year.

This unique sales and marketing process class is designed as a realistic every-day sales and marketing activity focused class.

Who Should Take This On-Demand Class

Sales and business development professionals, capture professionals, inside and outside sales representatives, managers, systems and administrative support, marketing professionals, public relations professionals, business owners and anyone involved in making or supporting the government sales process in your company.

Topics Covered & Key Take-a-Ways

Sales Drivers

  • Discussion of Revenue Goals in the Government Market
  • Examples given and related level-of-effort required discussed
  • Relationship Goals


1. Create a multiple registrations source document
2. SAM
3. SBA Profile (SBDS)
4. Agency Specific: DoD, Civilian, Intel
5. Prime Contractors’ & Teaming Partner registrations

NAICS Codes and PSC Codes: Current and recommended

Value Proposition/Differentiators

  • Discussion, checklist and identification

Size Standards: How your position as a large, mid-size or small business affects sales and marketing strategies

Decision Makers

  • In the government and with teaming partners
  • Location and access

Budgets and Timeline: How this affects your sales and marketing calendar and planning to leverage to your advantage

Use of Purchasing Thresholds in Sales and Marketing Tactics and Purchase Timeline: From under $3,000 to over $1 Billion

Purchase Vehicles

1. Credit Cards
2. GSA Schedule
3. GWACS, IDIQs, MATOCs, SATOCs, Task Orders, etc.


1. CRM System
2. Business Card
3. Website
4. Capability Statement in Word template
5. News Release concept and template
6. Social media: using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
7. Advertising: Print, multi-media, TV, radio

Targeted Agencies, Prime Contractors & Teaming Partners

1. Targeted Agencies
2. Targeted Prime and Teaming Contractors
3. Socioeconomic Certified Teaming Prospects
4. Teaming and Joint Ventures
5. Events in FBO and by Agency

Market Intelligence

  • Past contracts
  • Forecasts
  • Current Opportunities
  • Future Opportunities
  • Resources (we will have live access to subscription services for comparison)

Simplified Daily Sales and Marketing Process

1. With Federal Agencies
2. With Prime Contractors

Contracting Opportunities

1. Current Opportunities: real examples
2. Blank Sales and Marketing Process Form for each targeted opportunity

Decision-Maker Meetings

1. Capability Statements and Capability Briefings
2. Asking for and getting Capability Briefings
3. Post Award Debriefing Process
4. Additional Strategies and Tactics

Review of the Daily Year-Long and Fiscal Year End Sales Processes


  • For products and services
  • Proactive
  • Reactive
  • Labor-intensive
  • Automatic


  • For products and services
  • What works and what does not
  • Guerrilla-style
  • Deep-pockets-style
  • Events
  • Advertising
  • Communications
  •  Common mistakes and blunders that alienate customers
  •  Top tips that involve and strengthen customer relationships

…After working in the DoD environment for the past 12 years, I have found the acquisition process the most frustrating aspect of doing business with federal government.  I attended “Government Marketing and Tactics To Build FY2015 Revenues” and “Strategies and Government Sales Boot Camp:  Best Practices for Success” and both were extremely informative and provide valuable insight into the federal government contracting process.  It was obvious from the start that the trainers were very experienced in the domain and provided insight specific to helping businesses navigate through the overwhelming government contracting process.  I believe between the course material and guidance provided in these training courses some of these frustrations will be alleviated in the very near future….” Director of Programs, Focused Support LLC

Custom Training

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Gloria Larkin
CEO and Founder, TargetGov

Gloria Larkin is CEO and Founder of TargetGov and a nationally known speaker, author, trainer and federal contracting business development expert. Her expertise has developed through creating TargetGov and helping large and small businesses nationwide win billions of dollars in federal contracts. Ms. Larkin has been interviewed on MSNBC, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, INC Magazine, INC.com, and TheStreet.com. She is an expert author with articles regarding federal business development published in local, regional, national and international publications. She is the author of “The Veterans Business Guide: How to Build a Successful Government Contracting Business” now in the fourth printing! (book & Kindle) and the “The Basic Guide to Government Contracting: How to Sell Your Services and Products to the U.S. Federal Government”.

To learn more about Gloria Larkin click  Here


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