TargetGov’s Team

Treyvon, Cindy, Kevin, Jenny, Gloria, Francisco, Anna


Gloria Larkin, President, CEO, and Founder of TargetGov, a government procurement, related business development and marketing service offering the exclusive Federal Acceleration Strategies and Tactics (FAST™) Process, the KickStart Program™, Capability Statements, certification services, capture, and expert federal contracting services. TargetGov celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. In the past 6 years, clients have won over $4 billion in federal contracts. Gloria has been interviewed on MSNBC and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, INC Magazine, and She is the author of The Basic Guide to Government Contracting: How to Build a Successful Government Contracting Business and The Veterans Business Guide, and of hundreds of federal contracting articles in print and online. She is the Educational Foundation Board Chair Emeritus for WIPP, representing over 4 million business women nationwide.

Cindy Gaddis, Vice President of TargetGov. An experienced executive with a demonstrated history of growing organizations in the information technology and services industry. Cindy has over 15 years’ experience within the Federal market; from Business Development, Contracts, and Project Management. With this knowledge and expertise, along with her Master’s Degree Computer Information Systems, TargetGov clients to ensure their success. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and National Contract Managment Association (NCMA) member.

Jenny Bonilla, Chief Operating Officer of TargetGov. An experienced operations administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the small business arena, Jenny has the ability to strategically support the growth and infrastructure of the company while maintaining and building strategic relationships with vendors and clients. She brings a background in the visual arts, arts management, and design that provides a framework for an innovative articulation of operations.

Treyvon Anderson, Junior Research Analyst that has recently joined TargetGov. Treyvon brings a talent for the fine details to bear on the research of the procurement of contracts in the federal marketplace. Prior to joining the TargetGov team, Treyvon was a manager for GNC while pursuing his BA in Business Management, providing him with robust expertise in topics such as research and development, economics, marketing, etc., ultimately graduating in 2017. Just as TargetGov’s primary mission is to assist company’s in identifying, enhancing, and augmenting their presence and securement of contracts, Treyvon has always had a natural affinity for helping others, so when the opportunity to join the TargetGov team presented itself, it was an easy decision to make.

Kevin Haag, Junior Research Analyst here at TargetGov. He brings an attention to structure, pattern, and numbers that guides his research in procurement opportunities within the production of the TargetGov FAST Process. He a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Through course studies focused on trade, business development, and finance, Kevin has developed the skills necessary to excel in the modern research environment. His previous experience at a law firm has provided him with a substantial background in data entry and client relations. In his spare time, he is a hobby investor and an avid sports fan.

Francisco Ruiz, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO of TargetGov. He provides administrative and sales support to the TargetGov team. Prior to his current role, Francisco worked in higher education for 10 years, providing both academic and administrative support to students and executives alike. He earned a B.A. in English from the City College of New York, as well as an M.S.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Baruch College. Francisco currently lives in Nottingham, MD, where he recently relocated to from New York City.

Anna Copper, Intern for TargetGov. She is a college student with a focus on website design and marketing. She is currently working on updating our website, designing and writing for the newsletter, and assisting in the market launch of our new offerings. Through classes on web design, graphic design, photography, and e-marketing, Anna has developed a style that crosses over into her fine arts and informs her design process and aids in working through design challenges.

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