Webinar: How to Price Your Services and Products for the Government Market

Event Date: 12/17/2019 - 12/17/2019

Gain insight into the critical elements of an effective government bidding pricing strategy.

Every government contractor must include an exhaustive pricing section in their bid to win products or services contracts. Determining a realistic price that is profitable and yet reasonable to the government and compliant to myriad rules, regulations and accounting requirements can be the most challenging and even insurmountable demand for a business person. This topic clearly addresses pricing bids to win a contract, who in the company should be involved, when the pricing strategy development begins, what is different in government cost models, and why you need more than budgets and spreadsheets. The material also covers the art of developing strategic pricing themes and company-specific differentiators adding value to the customer, incorporating business growth plans, addressing variable risks and avoiding a commodity-low-price only mindset. This information can be applied immediately to increase your company’s probability of winning.


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