FMA Business in a Minute – Spotlight Your Company Webinar

Event Date: 5/18/2021 - 5/18/2021

Learn how to spotlight your company by taking part in the meeting prep led by TargetGov

Spotlight Your Company, Separate Yourself from Competitors and Attract Business

This webinar will only be available to registered participants of the “Fort Mead Alliance Virtual Business in a Minute”. 

Government has adopted artificial intelligence and data scraping tools to focus in on the contractors who can do exactly what they need. These targeted contractors then become sought-after go-to companies for upcoming needs. And recent surveys have ranked the top five complaints from government and prime contractor decision-makers after matchmaking events. The results state that attendees:
1. Use generic documents to describe their services and products.
2. Do not effectively communicate an understanding of what the customers actually need.
3. Fail to clearly differentiate themselves from competition.
4. Do not understand the importance of working with prime contractors.
5. Do not plan effective follow-up.

This webcast focuses on addressing the new data scraping tools and mitigating each of these complaints with actionable steps to proactively tackle each issue.

Key take-aways include:

  • What new the artificial intelligence data-scraping tools are that decision-makers are using
  • How to be found by these data-scraping tools
  • An exact matchmaking pitch that works with the government and primes
  • How to create a tailored capabilities statement addressing the IC community
  • Differentiators that tell a specific story and make a company memorable
  • A results-oriented trackable and measurable follow-up plan

This webcast will be recorded and made available only to those companies registered for Business In A Minute. Even if you cannot attend this webinar live, still register for access to the recording. You may share it only with your team members within your own organization.

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