2015 Wharton DC Innovation Summit

Event Date: 4/28/2015 - 4/29/2015


2015 Wharton DC Innovation Summit: Connect, Create, Transform

Gloria Larkin, President of TargetGov, will be a speaker at the 2nd Annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit which takes place in the FHI 360 Conference Center, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 8th Floor (Universal Building South), one block south of Washington Hilton. Ms. Larkin is a nationally recognized expert on government contracting and is also the author of “The Basic Guide to Government Contracting: How to Sell Your Services and Products to the U.S. Federal Government,” and “The Veterans Business Guide: How to Build a Successful Government Contracting Business.” Gloria Larkin was interviewed on MSNBC; quoted in the Wall Street Journal, TheStreet.com, and is the author of business development and federal contracting articles published in local, regional, and national publications.

Attend Gloria’s session to hear a case study of an innovative business that went from zero to $7 million in federal revenue in 9 months, and won subsequent contracts worth over $30 million dollars. Topics covered include avoiding the government-speak morass and instead clearly identifying the proven but unorthodox process to accelerate success in selling to governments nationwide and worldwide. Avoid the horror-story, epic fails typically associated with this market; a unique market with its own language, legal issues, and long sales cycles. In new workshops, start-up veterans will guide you through market-tested planning and execution steps, boosting your “success quotient” as you push your idea ahead. By design, the Wharton DC Innovation Summit is dedicated to help solve your biggest challenges and find the tricky pathways to funding sources, strategic partnerships, vital new contacts and even long-term contract. Transform your group, your company, and your industry, as you tap colleagues in major innovation hubs and clusters. If you really want to make an impact, take this opportunity to grow your idea, refine it and build a promising business.

Register below and join Gloria April 28-29th during her Breakout Sessions.

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